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RSLab News

Multitemp 2019 Abstract Submission Postponed
The Multitemp 2019 exended abstract submission is postponed to April 7th, 2019. Details are available here. Register to the mailing list for updates.
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Best PhD Thesis Award
Leonardo Carrer and Massimo Zanetti received the award for the Best Italian PhD Theses on Geoscience and Remote Sensing by the Italian Chapter of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society.
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RSLab in the ESA Spotlight
RSLab coordinated a project on the analysis of multitemporal Sentinel 2 images funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) obtaining very important results.  These results  are now under the spotlight in the ESA public outreach activities.
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SPIE Remote Sensing
The SPIE (International Society for Optics and Photnics) Conference on Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing will be in Strasbourg, France, September 09-12, 2019. The abstract submission deadline is March 13th, 2019.
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JUICE’s Jovian Odyssey
The European Space Agency (ESA) released a new animation showing the long tour that the JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) spacecraft will take to reach Jupiter and explore it’s icy moons.
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Climate Research Community First Virtual Meeting
The High Resolution LandCover Climate Change Initiative project funded by ESA invites the Climate Research Community members to participate in the first virtual meeting that will take place on Friday, 8th of February 2019 from 2pm to 4 pm.
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Kick-off Meeting ExtremeEarth
On Tuesday January 15, ExtremeEarth project started with the kick-off meeting at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
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Climate Change and Remote Sensing: RSLab on the Press
Interview of Prof. Bruzzone on the European Space Agency project that RSLab is coordinating on the use of remote sensing satellites for land cover mapping for climate change monitoring and analysis.
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MultiTemp 2019
The International Workshop on the Analysis of MultiTemporal Remote Sensing Images will be held in Shanghai, China in the period August 5-7, 2019. This is the 10th edition of the workshop series that was established and founded from RSLab in
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