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Remote sensing for forest monitoring on TV news

The RSLab activities and projects related to remote sensing for forest monitoring have been the focus of a TV report on the national  RAI 3 TG Leonardo and on the RAI TGR . The report  addresses the activities developed by using LiDAR sensors and…

Artificial Intelligence for space

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing and will change more and more in the future the scenario in the space activities and applications. The impact of AI covers almost all the components of space: robotics, autonomous…
  • May 16 / 2022
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H2020 ExtremeEarth: the crop type mapping problem

The H2020 ExtremeEarth project has concluded successfully, developing artificial intelligence techniques for the automatic analysis of remote sensing images. In the project RSLab had the leadership in the design and development…
  • Nov 16 / 2021
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Extreme Earth Online Workshop

The ExtremeEarth team and RSLab will present the results of the H2020 ExtremeEarth project regarding innovative AI and bigdata technologies for Earth observation data and how they have been used for food security and the polar regions.…

Moon Caters and Artificial Intelligence on Nature

A new Moon crater database has been generated by using advanced deep learning and transfer learning methodologies applied to lunar images. More than 109,000 previously unrecognized craters have been identified on the Moon’s surface, dozens of times larger than…