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  • Apr 21 / 2022
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PhD positions @RSLab 2022

RSLab is looking for strongly motivated candidate PhD students having excellent study career and interested in research activities on remote sensing, radar and related data analysis and/or applications to Earth Observation and Planetary Exploration.…
  • Feb 18 / 2022
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Stefano Paterna got PhD

On Thursday February 17, Stefano Paterna successfully defended his PhD Thesis on “Advanced Methodologies for Planning and Scheduling Payload Operations for Planetary Exploration Missions”.…
  • Nov 30 / 2021
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Lei Ding got PhD

On Monday November 15, Lei Ding successfully defended his PhD Thesis on “Novel Methods for the Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images”.…
  • Nov 16 / 2021
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Iwona Podsiadło got PhD

On Monday November 8, Iwona Podsiadlo successfully defended her PhD Theses on “Methods for the analysis of time series of multispectral remote sensing images and application to climate change variable estimations”. The defense was done in virtual mode due to the…
  • May 06 / 2021
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Elena Donini got PhD

On Thursday May 6, Elena Donini succesfully defended her PhD Theses on “Advanced methods for simulation-based performance assessment and analysis of radar sounder data”.…
  • Apr 23 / 2020
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Christopher Gerekos and Sanchari Thakur got PhD

On Thursday April 23, Christopher Gerekos and Sanchari Thakur succesfully defended their PhD Theses. Christopher defended the thesis “Advanced Backscattering Simulation Methods for the Design of Spaceborne Radar Sounders” and Sanchari the thesis “Advanced…
  • Oct 02 / 2018
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Silvia Demetri got PhD

On Thursday September 27, Silvia Demetri defended his PhD thesis on “Remote Sensing-Based Channel Modeling and Deployment Planning for Low-Power Wireless Networks” (supervisors Gian Pietro Picco and Lorenzo Bruzzone). The committee awarded the PhD in Information…

Best Student Paper Award

Daniele Marinelli, PhD student at RSLab, got the Second Place in the Student Paper Competition at the 2018 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS 2018) hold in Valencia (Spain) on 23-27 June 2018. This is a very relevant result as 230 full…