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RSLab numbers in 2023

RSLab was involved in many activities in 2023 on both Earth Observation and Planetary Exploration. The most relevant one was the launch of the ESA JUICE mission with on board the Radar for Icy Moons Exploration (RIME) developed under the PI-ship of RSLab.

Other relevant achievements are (see the different sections of this website for  more details):

  • 33 papers published on peer-reviewed international journals
  • 5000+ (Source: Google Scholar) / 4000+ (Source: Scopus) citations
  • Principal Investigator/ Coordinator of 5 international projects
  • Partner in 2 international and 3 national projects
  • Top positions in the international ranking of research
  • 6 international/national awards and achievements
  • 2 graduated PhD students
  • Many public outreach activities (tv news, newspaper and magazine interviews, public presentations, etc.)

We wish you a Happy 2024!