RSLab is looking for strongly motivated candidate PhD students having excellent study career and CV. Interested candidates should apply to the call issued by the International PhD School in Information and Communication Technology of the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Trento and accessible here. The RSLab position refers to the specific scholarship D1:

D1 – Development of Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition Methods for the Analysis of Big Data  from Space (1 grant) 

The activity that will be developed is related to the definition, the design, the development and the validation of machine learning and pattern recognition techniques for the analysis of big data from space. They will address different topics related to the main methodological problems to be solved for the analysis of the huge archives of remote sensing data that are acquired by Earth Observation satellites. The main topics include: 1) deep learning architectures for the automatic classification of satellite images; 2) data analysis techniques for the automatic extraction of semantic  information from data (e.g. content based retrieval); 3) data fusion techniques for the integration of multisensor and multisource data. The focus on one or more of the above-mentioned topics will be agreed with the selected candidate.

For more information on the activity of RSLab on these topics refer to the related papers at the following link: or contact