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RSLab News

RSLab is looking for Ph.D. candidates in radar and remote sensing topics. Five positions are available:

  • 1 grant in the general research areas related to Radar and Remote Sensing
    (funded by Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science).
  • 1 grant on the topic “Advanced techniques for the analysis of remote sensing images for cryosphere monitoring and hydrological parameter estimation
    (funded by Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science, Specific grant D1)
  • 2 grants on the topic “Definition, design, implementation and validation of acquisition strategies and data analysis methodologies for the Radar for Icy Moon Exploration (RIME) in the framework of the JUpiter ICy moon Explorer (JUICE) (funded by Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science, Specific grant D2 and D3)
  • 1 grant on the topic “Remote Sensing  image processing
    (funded by Bruno Kessler Foundation, Specific grant D4)

Information about the call is available at http://ict.unitn.it/application/ict_doctoral_school. To be part of RSLab select Area D (Curriculum 2: Telecommunications). You can apply both to general positions in Radar and Remote Sensing and also to Project Specific Grants D1/D2/D3/D4.

For any further information please contact Prof. Lorenzo Bruzzone

Begüm Demir has been elevated to Senior Member of the IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

Some of the Remote Sensing Laboratory research activities are presented
at “Campus italia,” which has been broadscasted by RAI International. The video (in italian) is available at
the following link (starting at minute 10:38)

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RSLab is the Principal Investigator (Prime contractor) of a project funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) on the analysis of multitemporal images acquired by the ESA Sentinel 2 satellite constellation.

The project aims at defining the scientific methods and the related prototype algorithms for addressing three main challenges with the multispectral and multiresolution Sentinel 2 images:
1) change detection; 2) analysis of image time series; 3) updating of land-cover maps.

The algorithms should be tested on three full European countries in view of the definition of global products.

The project CRYOMON-SciPro (Improve the Science of Processes within the Cryosphere by Integrating Hydrological Modelling with Remote Sensing in a Multi-Level Data Fusion Approach – a Contribution to Cryosphere Monitoring in the EUREGIO Region) has been selected. RSLab is one of the key partners of the project. The project is focused on the fusion and integration of remote sensing techniques with other data sources and with modeling for Cryosphere.

RSLab is involved on a new project approved by Italian Space Agency on the development of an airborne radar with both nadir looking sounding and synthetic aperture imaging capabilities.

The radar will work in P band and is developed for applications related to criosphere, water detection in arid/desert areas, archaeology and forestry.

Prof. Bruzzone will give an invited  keynote Talk as Distingushed Lecturer at the Viriginia Chapter of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sesnsing Society in Maryland on November 6, 2015

Francesca Bovolo has been nominated Associate Editor of Journal of Applied Remote Sensing (JARS). JARS is a publication of the SPIE international society for optics and photonics.
Find more about JARS here

Begüm Demir will give a talk on ‘Recent Advances in Remote Sensing Image Classification’ on the 29th of October at CiTIUS – Centro Singular de Investigación en Tecnoloxías da Información, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

For the details, please visit here.  The talk can be watched during and after the presentation on CiTIUS YouTube channel.