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  • Apr 21 / 2024
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Khatereh Meshkini got PhD

On April 4, Khatereh Meshkini succesfully defended her PhD Thesis on “Advanced Methods for Land Cover Mapping and Change Detection in High Resolution Satellite Image Time Series”.…

Miguel Hoyo Garcia got PhD

On March 25, Miguel Hoyo Garcia succesfully defended his PhD Thesis on “Novel Methods for Information Extraction and Geological Product Generation from Radar Sounder Data”.…
  • Feb 11 / 2023
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Women in Science

FBK celebrates the Women in Science day with Francesca Bovolo. ESA JUICE mission will soon start its journey. Destination? Ganymede! Read more about

Luca Bergamasco got PhD

On Thursday June 9, Luca Bergamasco succesfully defended his PhD Theses on “Advance Deep-Learning Methods for Multi-temporal Remote-Sensing image analysis”.…

Best PhD and Master Theses

Elena Donini and Gianmarco Perantoni received the award for the Best Italian PhD and Master Theses on Geoscience and Remote Sensing by the Italian Chapter of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society.

Best Young Author Award

Milad Niroumand-Jadidi recieved the Best Young Author Award by International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) for the paper “Water quality retrieval and algal bloom detection using high-resolution CubeSat imagery” presented at the…
  • May 06 / 2021
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Elena Donini got PhD

On Thursday May 6, Elena Donini succesfully defended her PhD Theses on “Advanced methods for simulation-based performance assessment and analysis of radar sounder data”.…

Best PhD Student Award 2020

Sudipan Saha recieved the “FBK Best PhD Student Award 2020”. The FBK Best Student Award is a prestigious recognition awarded each year to the student with the most outstanding achievements. The price was awarded during the FBK PhD day by Bernando Magnini,…