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Radar tests on the Marmolada glacier

RSLab started some tests  with a low frequency radar for studying the subsurface of the ice on the Marmolada glacier. The goal is to sound the subsurface of the glacier to analyze its structure and to assess the possibility to identify the presence of water below the ice. The first flight was done on Friday, July 7th mounting the radar on an helicopter in cooperation with the Helicopter Team and the Civil Protection of the Autonomous Trento Province. Few sections of the glacier have been measured in the area affected by the massive breakups of ice that caused the tragedy of July 2022.

If the results of the study will be positive the idea is to use the considered low frequency radar (which has a very limited mass and could be mounted on board of an UAV/drone) for a systematic monitoring of the glacier for providing glaciologists with an additional measure to asses the status of the glacier in critical conditions.

More details in the selected media news below.

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