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New radar test on Marmolada glacier with high temperatures

A second campaign of data acquisition on the Marmolada glacier with a ground penetrating radar mounted on an helicopter was conducted on Friday August 25th by RSLab in cooperation with the Civil Protection of the Provincia Autonoma di Trento in one of the hottest day of the year (see the videos below taken on the glacier during the flight).



The goal of the campaign is to analyze the sub-surface of the glacier in an extreme condition on the water content given the series of days showing temperature sharply higher that the mean of the past period. These data will be processed in the next weeks together with those acquired in early July when the temperature conditions were within the mean of the summer. Another campaign is planned in the winter. All the data will be jointly analyzed to reconstruct the volume of the glacier and to assess the capability of the radar and of the related signal processing techniques to estimate the amount of water present in the subsurface and to identify pocket of water potentially critical for the stability of the ice.

More details bellow from selected national and regional media news.

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