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  • Oct 05 / 2018
  • News

ESA Sentinel 2 project successfully completed

The ESA project “Scientific Exploitation of Operational Missions (SEOM) Multitemporal Analysis (MTA)” (coordinated and developed by RSLab) successfully passed its Final Review. The project was about the development of automatic techniques for the analysis of the big data acquired by  Sentinel-2 multispectral system in in the context of three application and methodological areas:
(1) Time series analysis, focused on the processing of image time series for precision agriculture.
(2) Change detection and attribution, focused on the analysis of bi-temporal images for detection of forest disturbances.
(3) Land cover maps updating, focused on the use of recent images for unsupervised updating of thematic maps.
The output of the project was very good. For this reason ESA is funding one additional year of activities in order to apply the developed methods to the analysis of images at Italian country scale using european cloud computing infrastructures. For further details visit https://rslab.disi.unitn.it/projects/mta/.