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Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

  • Analysis and modelling of HR and VHR SAR signals
  • Building detection and 3D reconstruction in VHR SAR images
  • Change detection (2D and 3D)
  • Automatic classification
  • Analysis of temporal series of HR and VHR SAR images.

Ground Penetrating Radar and Radar Sounder

  • Statistical analysis and characterization of radar sounder signals
  • Pre-processing techniques (clutter estimation and noise reduction, filtering, etc.)
  • Feature extraction and automatic classification of subsurface layers or patterns
  • Design of radar sounding instruments for planetary exploration

Radar sounder data of the subsurface of the North Pole of Mars acquired by the SHARAD instrument, and examples of possible elaborations:
(top right) automatic detection of basal returns aimed at the estimation of ice thickness and basal topography;
(bottom left) automatic detection of surface clutter returns on radargrams through clutter simulation and matching with real data;
(bottom right) automatic detection and characterization of subsurface linear features aimed at the mapping of icy layers.

Radar sounder data of the subsurface of Byrd Glacier Antarctica acquired by the MCoRDS instrument, and examples of possible elaborations:
Examples of ice subsurface target classes backscattering and statistical analysis of the measured radar signalradarsounder_02_stat

Automatic detection of ice subsurface targets based on segmentation

Automatic classification of the ice subsurface based on feature extraction and machine learning