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RSLab on “Focus”
The November 2016 issue of the "Focus" magazine includes an article which contains an interview to Prof. Bruzzone in relation to the Radar for Icy Moon Exploration (RIME) on the JUICE (JUpiter ICy moon Explorer) mission.
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Honor and Awards
Leonardo Carrer (PhD student at RSLab) won the 2016 Best Student Paper Award at the “SPIE Conference on Active and Passive Microwave Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring”, Edinburgh, UK, 26-29September 2016 with the paper  “A bat-inspired technique for clutter reduction
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STRATUS mission concept project approved!
RSLab is the Coordinator (Principal Investigator) of STRATUS (SaTellite Radar sounder for eArTh sUb-surface Sensing), which is a new satellite mission concept based on a radar sounder for Earth Observation. STRATUS aims at studying for the first time from satellite
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RSLab @ European Space Agency Summer School
RSLab will contribute to the Earth Observation Summer School for PhD students organized by European Space Agency on August 2016 in ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Italy. Prof. Lorenzo Bruzzone will give three  lectures on 2, 3, and 4 August.
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Keynote Talks on Remote Sensing in Canada
Prof. Bruzzone has been invited to give Keynote Talks as Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing (GRSS) Society at three GRSS Chapters in Canada. The talks are planned at the Quebec GRSS Chapter (Quebec City, June 13),
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Keynote Speaker @ GEOBIA 2016
Lorenzo Bruzzone will be a Keynote Speaker at the International GEOBIA 2016 conference, which will be in Enschede, The Netherlands, from 14-16 September 2016. More details at https://www.geobia2016.com
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Honors and Awards
Begüm Demir has been elevated to Senior Member of the IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
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RSLab @ RAI International television
Some of the Remote Sensing Laboratory research activities are presented at “Campus italia,” which has been broadscasted by RAI International. The video (in italian) is available at the following link (starting at minute 10:38)
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Another new project@RSLab on ESA Sentinel 2 satellite constellation!
RSLab is the Principal Investigator of a project funded by the European Space Agency on the analysis of multitemporal images acquired by the ESA Sentinel 2 satellite constellation.
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